God not only forgives, He restores.

God not only forgives, He restores. He makes you whole. He puts you back on the path toward your purpose.


As a believer, you have a right to expect restoration of the things that the enemy has stolen from you.

It may be your health, your finances or your possessions but payback time is definitely coming!

Acts 3:20–21 tells us that before Jesus comes back for His church, we will experience “the times of restoration of all things”. What a hope that gives us, knowing that God will restore to us all things before Jesus returns!

If the devil is attacking you in any area, speak to your Heavenly Father, “Father, I will not allow the devil to rob me of my health, children or finances. These blessings are blood-bought and paid for by Your Son!” Claim your restoration in Christ and He will hear you.

When God restores, even under the old covenant, His people always received much more than what they had originally lost, in terms of quality and or quantity. How much more will our restoration be under the new covenant because of the shed blood of the Lamb of God!

Let the Redeemed of the Lird say so- Ps. 107:2

Say What God says about You today- "I'm Restored, Redeemed, Righteous, Renewed, Rewarded..."

Claim what is yours Child of The Most High God!

Love in His Grace, Pastor Joe Sabolick-