My Peace I Give To You~

He has mercy for every mistake, grace for every weakness, faith for every fear & Peace for every storm-


Jesus was and is always in perfect control. And one of the reasons He was so powerful was that He walked in the shalom (peace) of God.

Jesus said; "My Peace I give to You..."

The word “peace” in John 14:27 is the word “shalom” in Hebrew. It means wellness, wholeness, completeness, as well as peace of heart and mind.

Having shalom means having every part of your spirit, soul and body well.

So what did Jesus mean when He said, “Shalom I leave with you. Not the world’s shalom, but My shalom”?

This is what He meant~ “The shalom you saw Me living in; the shalom you saw Me sleep in, in that boat; the shalom you saw Me walk in, in the midst of the people who wanted to stone Me; the shalom that renders the devil powerless to touch Me; this shalom, My shalom, I give to you.”

This is the peace that Jesus has given to us. It is not a worldly peace that comes through soothing music, meditation or deep breathing. It is more effective than that! It is not dependent on circumstances and it works in the midst of the storms of life.

Let the Peace of God flow in and through you- Col.3:15

Love in His Grace;

Pastor Joe Sabolick