Slam The Door On Fear



“and do not give the devil an opportunity to work.” Ephesians 4:27


Are you living with less than God’s best because you’ve  allowed the fear of something to creep in and take root in your life?  It might be the fear of a person, a place or a thing! Regardless of who or what it is; Fear is the greatest weapon the enemy uses to try to hold us back. Fear is not from God. Scripture tells us that fear brings torment. It’s designed to paralyze us and keep us from God’s blessings.

The good news is that God is greater than fear. His power in you is greater than any power that comes against you. But in order to walk in His power, you have to make a firm stand to close the door on the enemy once and for all. The enemy can’t have access to your life unless you open a door and give him access. That’s why we have to be careful about what we watch, what we listen to, who we let in our lives, what we read, what critics are saying and what we say. When we open ourselves to fear, we give the enemy opportunity.

If you’ve allowed fear to steal from you in any area of life, today you can be free—you can be finished with fear. Conquering the enemy starts by making the choice in your mind to close the door on fear, and instead, meditate on God’s promises. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony! Let God’s truth and Power sink down into your heart. Declare it out of your mouth. Let Him set you free and lead you into victory as you close the door on fear!


Father, I come to You today declaring that I am finished with this fear. Thank You for giving me Power, Love and a Sound mind. You are my protector, my healer and my restorer. I choose to Stand on Your promises. I Receive Your Peace and Joy today as I move forward in Victory with You in Jesus’ Name. Amen.